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SM 3000 RISK


SM 3000 RISK of the SM3000 processing platform is an effective instrument of fraud detection and prevention in the field of plastic cards and electronic payments, which allows you to achieve immediate results in reducing losses from fraudulent transactions.

Using the set of rules supplied with the system, you will comply with the security requirements of international payment systems and local financial regulators in the shortest possible time. The SM 3000 RISK also allows you to quickly respond to new patterns of fraudsters’ behavior, and quickly add or change rules to suppress their activities.

We offer the Customer cooperation in the area where the company has accumulated extensive experience based on more than 50 installations around the world. SM 3000 RISK, like other core products of the company, has 24/7 support and is designed to work non-stop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


SM 3000 RISK is the main solutions for monitoring potential fraudulent transactions on issued cards. The system allows flexible customization of fraud detection rules, manages the investigation workflow and is a full-featured product for organizing an anti-fraud service in the area of cards issuing programs.


SM 3000 RISK monitors the received financial transactions and authorization activities of merchants operating under acquirers by comparing the history of the firm’s actions and confirmed patterns of fraudulent actions with the current data on the merchant’s activities. The system also allows to recognize suspicious transactions of holders, thus protecting both acquirers and their outlets from many situations associated with fraud of holders in firms. The tool identifies high-risk retail outlets, collusive merchants, points of compromise, fictitious bankruptcy schemes, and other known POS and e-commerce fraud patterns through proactively monitoring business operations and card transactions.


SM 3000 RISK for Anti Money Laundering Know Your Customer procedures is capable of recognizing and monitoring complex and varied methods of money laundering by various organizations. Money laundering scammers hide the origin of their funds by moving them through as many bank accounts and countries as possible, trying to pass them off as legal income.

SM 3000 RISK monitors all aspects of account activity, detecting complex behavioral patterns consistent with confirmed money laundering and has a possibility of the on-line connections with compliance databases, like WorldCompline and others.

From other side SM 3000 RISK has a interface to make integrations with Equifax and other similar service providers to check the cardholder creditworthiness and other data.