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SM 3000 PAYMENTS was developed to provide our customers the credit, bill payments, MO/TO, digital signature, bonus and membership products, including CashBack. It can be used separately or as an additional part to the SM 3000 EPS.


If you’d like to offer your customers to pay in credit with monthly payments through POS o e-commerce, you should register your product schema with the SM 3000 PAYMENTS, including terms of the credit sale, number of monthly payments, necessary of the cardholder ID usage and other parameters, which cardholder must enter during the sale operation. After the credit operation your customer can make the credit payments with any cashier, ATM or POS networks, connected directly to our processing host o through the integrations, based on Host-To-Host on-line or reports mode choose. You can find more about the credit product description here


If your customer stays on-line and prefers call-center based sales, we can offer you to use our MO/TO interface for operators. It includes telephone operator screen to initiate a credit or debit transaction with a digital signature, created by using one-time password, sending to the customer by SMS message. During the confirmation of the bought, the customer must tell the unique code to the operator.

In this case the merchant’s customer can use or not use a card. The card may be issued on-line during the sale process and stored with a SM 3000 EPS as a virtual one for internal usage as a customer ID, or can be issued really both in a virtual and physical mode to deliver to the customer.

After the bought the customer can see transactions details through the special web-interface in the customer profile. To know more about the MO/TO possibilities you can read here


You can offer to your merchant to create it own bonus program or join to the bonus program of you bank or company.

To create the bonus program you don’t need modify your POS, ATM or e-commerce software, because our product is based on the SM 3000 EPS issuing facilities and is accesible anywhere in the world if you issue MasterCard or VISA products or in your own networks and partner’s networks in the case of your own proprietary card program.

Our solution allows to join several bonus programs and quote and exchange bonus points between programs participants.

The CashBack function, as bonus products, can be used additionally to the cards issued by your financial institution or your customer. To know more about Bonus and CashBack you can read here


If your customer a Football club, political party or Fans group, you can offer them their own Membership product separately or based on your MasterCard o VISA card. SM 3000 PAYMENTS maintain the member profile management, connection of the different gateway entrance equipment, create membership product including all of the options of the SM 3000 PAYMENTS, like bonuses, credits etc. To learn more about the Membership programs read here


You can offer your customer to pay bills and taxes using SM 3000 PAYMENTS through POS, ATM, SST or by Internet access. We allow it by our product possibility of the integration with a service providers or government structures.


If you don’t have back-office yet to manage cardholders profiles and data, to make reports and analytics we can offer you to use the SM 3000 PAYMENTS as a back-office solution, including the cards preparations jobs for the cards personalization processing and additional zone with your banking core system integration with a SM 3000 EPS.

Today SM 3000 PAYMENTS supports general back-office jobs like a cardholder registration and management with a card preparation, merchants registration and management, ATMs and SSTs registration and management, e-commerce merchants registration and management, banks and financial institutions registration and management, reports management, users access and roles management and other functions.


SM 3000 PAYMENTS consists of the banking part for the bank’s employees access and customer part as a customer profile with a ready-to-go web-access and mobile application API. To see the Cardholder functionality you can read here