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National processing centers

We provide the full line products for the National SWITCH Processing Centers with a MasterCard and VISA direct getaways, opening possibility for the country to close the internal domestic traffic and to decrease the banking transactions costs and increase rentability of the payment sector and national business continuity.


Starting our history in 1989 we developed the first processing center CardCenter MSP/ TPP/ CV/ Chip bureau in the region with a multi-banking processing of the cards personalization, issuing and acquiring programs, ATM and POS networks processing and e-commerce at the country level.

Since that time we developed the main processing products of the SM3000 family for the national processing centers, covering the needs of the MasterCard/ VISA transactions concentrating (SWITCHING) on the national level and country payment systems development, based on the international standards of the cards industry.

The SM3000 possibilities let us create and process the ATMs and POSs networks, connected directly to the Center or through the banking In-House and others existing processing centers in the country.


During the project the next integration can be implemented:

  • national bank banking core on-line and off-line integrations for the AML, clearing and settlement purposes;
  • commercial banks and FinTech on-line integrations for the cards and payments on-line authorizations;
  • payment acceptance networks;
  • third party processing centers;
  • national payment systems and operators.


  • MasterCard/ VISA and other systems transactions switching;
  • ATMs and POSs networks processing;
  • e-commerce networks processing;
  • national and international cards issuing and personalization;
  • clearing and settlement;
  • fraud detection and prevention;
  • AML procedures maintenance;
  • other products and services.

To look through the other information on SM3000 family products please, feel free to reed the functional descriptions of the products SM3000 EPS, SM3000 RISK, SM3000 PERSO, SM3000 CRYPTO and SM3000 PAYMENTS.