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Bank notifies the Processing centre in written form in advance as to about its intention to start card or payment-servicing operations without using the payment system’s cards, doing that 7 days before the operations are started by Merchant (through POS, with the mobile phone being with the cashier) or by using an imprinter).At the same time, the Bank identifies the kind of activity run by the Merchant – its address, limit, currency code, contact person etc., stating all that in Form # 0205000017  or Form # 0205000017A. If the Merchant must be supplied with an imprinter, the Bank shall submit to the Processing centre a corresponding free-format application for plate manufacture; the application should be submitted not later than 5 working days prior to the beginning of Merchant’s operations. 

Point of sale registration in Central computer (POS-terminal based, mobile phone based or MO/TO based devices)

On request of the Bank, the Processing center
  • manufactures the plate in the case of Voice mode;
  • creates merchant profile in the case of POS-terminal mode, mobile phone mode and MO/TO mode
and register the Merchant in the database both of front end and the back office.

Service code: 02050001

Customization of the existing software of the Point of sale terminal

With regard to all the other POS terminals, all operations of applied software customization are performed by Supplier with the Processing center taking part. In the case if the POS software was developed by ALFEBA, it can be customized by ALFEBA itself. If points of sale are operated, the following is done:
  • Customization of all kinds of receipts in according with requirements of the Bank and Merchant;
  • Customization of parameters of Point of sale in according with the selected kind of communication;
  • Customization of the list of the operations;
  • Operations manual Developing.

Service code: 02050002

Customizations of Cashier’s mobile phone applications

With regard to AndroidOS and MacOS-based cellular phones, all the applied software customization operations are performed by the Processing center. If there is no possibility of installing software application on a mobile phone, the Processing center shall advice a set of SMS-commands which are to be used in Cashier’s work.

The following is carried out if mobile phones are used:

  • Customization of application parameters, its design, and menu;
  • Operations manual developing.

Service code: 02050003

Connection tests of POS terminals

The connection tests procedure consists of the following jobs, performed by the Processing center:
  • Selection of the best connection type for the specific Terminal type and the specific place, and minimization of telecommunication costs and the maximum reliability;
  • Carrying out connection tests sessions to check connection with the central computer of the Processing center;
  • Network addresses loading to the central computer database for testing and the subsequent operation.

Service code: 02050004

New software development for a Point of sale terminal (it doesn’t include possible costs of software development tools)

To develop applied software for a Point of sale terminal, the Vendor offers its terminal development tools in emulation (compatibility) mode by demonstrating them on a personal computer. The Vendor offers test debugging tools operated in the development tool – Point of sale terminal environment also. Development tools are not included into the cost of Point of sale terminal software development and they are purchased from the Vendor according to separate contract.

The development of new software product for a Point of sale terminal consists of the following set of operations:

  • Development of operating algorithm customized in according with the Bank’s requirements;
  • Development of activity log;
  • Development of receipts;
  • Set up of connection types;
  • Operations manual developing.

Service code: 02050005

Point of Sale terminal installation and training

The following set of operations is performed:
  • Carrying out of the test transactions;
  • Training of the staff of the Bank and of the Merchant.

Service code: 02050006

Cashier’s mobile phone activation and training

The following set of operations is carried out:
  • Activation of Cashier’s mobile phone in the Processing center database,
  • Transactions tests,
  • Training the Bank’s staff and of the Merchant employees.

Service code: 02050007

Point of Sale terminal commissioning

The Processing center puts Point of sale into operation on request of the Bank (a free-format Application) stating the opening hours of the Point of sale, affixed by the signature of the Bank’s designated representative.

The Bank puts Point of Sale into operation either on its own or by inviting a representative of the Processing center.

Service code: 02050008

Keys generation and loading into the POS-terminal

According to Regulations, the Processing center generates the POS Master Key through Host Security Module (HSM) and loads it to the POS’s software and to the central computer of the Processing center. These keys are used to transfer PIN-units and passwords.

Service code: 02050009