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For Telecommunications

We started our business activity in 1992 with 3 banks – principal members of MasterCard Int. in Russian Federation, creating CardCenter interbank processing center of MasterCard Int. We issued the first MasterCard card in Russia and implemented first POS and first ATM there. Since that time we improved our technology and products for telecommunication companies – our customers, providing the full cycle of the services, needed to issue their own payment card with telecommunication account, gift, credit, bonus and discount cards and accept international and proprietary cards and payments, based on fiat currencies and crypto currencies. In 2018 we started our processing activity in Uruguay, South America, for the domestic supermarket networks and started our participation in the first our blockchain project in telecommunication industry – BubbleTone in Europe, implementing the blockchain for the billing and applets downloading to the blockchain for the customers, traveling between countries.

For this project own social messenger with iOS and Android applications were developed, that we can implement on the base of the white label approach.

As an instrument of rapid access to the telecom account of the customer, to pay with the telecom account with POSs and via Internet, to deposit and withdraw cash with ATMs, we offer to implement debit or credit payment card with white label brand or based on the MasterCard and VISA products, connected directly to the Telecom account without banking intermediation. This card could be downloaded and linked to the social messenger as an instrument of payment.


We offer for the telecommunication companies complete product for the customer: the proprietary payment card with own POS terminal, ATM, SST and Internet-acquiring terminal, connected to the white label social messenger and blockchain.


Complete SWITCH Software platform for the issuing and acquiring MasterCard, VISA and proprietary cards and payments processing, Software platform for the ATM networks processing, Software platform for the POS networks processing, Software platform for the Internet-Acquiring processing, Antifraud and fraud prevention software platform, Software platform for the crypto currencies issuing processing, Software platform for the Internet-merchant crypto currencies acceptance, Software platform for the Crypto Exchange offices, Software platform for the Crypto Stock Exchange, Software for the POS-terminal and Self-service terminals, Software for the cards personalization.


Cloud and server based processing services depending on the licenses and products. If you proffer to get the processing services in the out-sourcing mode, we can suggest it by In-House or by MSP/TPP. In the case of the last one you need to certify our platform implementation in MasterCard and VISA as a service provider. Depending on region we can participate in the mentioned organization structure to decrease you one-time investments. You can look through the principal processing services we can provide with a link below.


We offer POS networks implementation and e-commerce platform to accept cards via Internet or celular.


  • POS terminals,
  • Self-service terminals.


We offer cards plastic for telecommunication membership, payment, credit, prepaid or gift cards.