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SM 3000 EPS


SM 3000 EPS is a front-end system built on a modular principle, which allows you to choose all the necessary functionality and at the same time optimize the cost of its acquisition. The system architecture is described in SM 3000 Functional description. Learn more…

SM 3000 EPS is the industrial processing solution among the banks and processing companies, leading in terms of fault tolerance, scalability and openness. From the point of view of fault tolerance, the system was designed and implemented with an emphasis on the highest possible requirements, after initial installation, it practically does not require maintenance and has been operating for many customers for more than 15 years without a single critical failure. The scalability of the system is, without exaggeration, a record. SM 3000 EPS runs the POS terminal networks and ATMs networks. In a laboratory environment, the rate of 500 transactions per second is reached, so your investment in SM 3000 EPS will never be lost, as it will satisfy your processing needs, no matter how they grow. From the point of view of openness, the system comes with complete documentation and source codes for everything except the communication core. ALFEBA policy does not prohibit making modifications and improvements, either on its own or by third parties that are present in sufficient quantities on the market. According to our information, this offer is unique for our market.

SM 3000 EPS supports all modern protocols for working with international payment systems, provides unique flexibility in setting up the inter-post exchange interface based on the ISO8583 standard and, due to its prevalence, has the widest range of supported card service devices.


SM 3000 EPS supports a network of ATM devices that are compatible with the NDC + or Diebold protocol or ISO 8583.

SM 3000 EPS supports the connection of any POS terminals that support the ISO 8583 protocol, which is now widespread, implemented by almost all major device vendors and is well described for independent development in the field of POS device emulation on cash registers and other systems based on personal computers.

Acceptance of transactions from any sources connected using the above protocols is provided, including systems serving Internet commerce sites, independent networks of large outlets.

It is possible to send requests using standard protocols to external systems to provide various payment services at ATMs and self-service terminals [SST] or e-commerce.

Equoring transactions are supported both for the internal network and for external international payment systems, including VISA products, MasterCard local networks, etc.

In addition to automated authorizations on devices, voice authorization is supported, including with entering the CVV2 / CVC2 code.

Issuer’s traffic is authorized based on PIN, CVV / CVC checks, limits, current balances and blocking facts. Stand-in mode is also supported.

The system has the functionality of forwarding (switching and routing) transaction flows from various sources to external interfaces, including international payment systems and local networks.


SM3000 EPS authorization is a new approach for the authorization systems. It allows you to raise the procedures for setting up online authorization to a new qualitative level, when practically any business requirements for the development of authorization algorithms can be implemented will not require re-implementation costs when changing versions of the system itself. The integration of this system with the PRM product increases the efficiency of using online risk management, both in terms of more effective work to prevent fraud, and in terms of optimizing the use of system resources.


This function is implemented both for POS and ATM interfaces and e-commerce. It allows you to sell prepaid vouchers and make online top-ups for mobile operators. It can also be used to sell almost any prepaid cards for Internet access, telephone cards for long distance calls and IP telephony.


SM 3000 EPS is completely integrated both with other SM 3000 products, like SM 3000 RISK, SM 3000 PERSO, SM 3000 PAYMENT, SM 3000 CRYPTO and SM 3000 IAP, and external processing platforms, payment systems and core banking platforms.