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Self-service terminals

The Bank shall notify the Processing centre in written form about the Bank’s intention to start operations for servicing cards, mobile phones or accounting records of the payment system through SST.  To this end, the Bank or its agent shall submit From # 0204000018 to the Processing centre. SST can be connected using the ATM protocols or POS interface. The Processing centre will need 7 working days to commission the SST and perform customization of screens, receipts, accomplishing link testing and the SST registration in the Processing centre database. If any other models are used, the SST attachment time depends on supplier, since the supplier carries out all operations for connecting SST to the Processing centre jointly with the Processing centre employees.

SST connection to the central computer

The SST parameter entry into the database of application software both of the front end and the back office is made.

Service code: 02040001

Development of a new scenario (either customized to a new type of Terminal or according to new requirements from the Bank)

The development of a new scenario for Terminal consists of the following jobs:
  • Development of Terminal operating algorithm according to the Bank’s requirements;
  • Development of a scenario customized to the developed algorithm;
  • Development of screens for the scenario; 
  • Drawing up Terminal status tables for scenario;
  • Drawing up specification of check receipts for the scenario;
  • Installation of scenario tables into the Processing center central computer database (both into back office and the front end);
  • Scenario tests;
  • Customization of front-end and back office parameters according to scenario, if the Bank has non-standard requirements;
  • Operation manual developing.

Service code: 02040002

Customization of the existing software for Terminal

The Customization consists of configuring of the existing software of Terminal according to the Bank’s requirements and includes the following jobs to be carried out:
  • Customization of scenario;
  • Customization of screens;
  • Customization of receipts;
  • Installation of scenario tables into the database of central computer of the Processing center (in back office and front end),
  • Scenario testing;
  • Operation manual developing.

Service code: 02040003

Keys generation for Terminal and keys loading to Terminal and to the Central Computer

According to Regulations, the Processing center generates the Terminal’s Master Key through Host Security Module (HSM) and loads it to the Central computer of the Processing center and into the Terminal. These keys are used to transfer PIN-units and passwords and for checking SST loading (the last one is in the case of usage of ATM connection approach). If no cards are used, a special enhanced-security link is established between the Terminal and the Processing center, without using HSM.

Service code: 02040004

Connection testing

The connection testing procedure consists of the following jobs performed by the Processing center:
  • Selection of the best connection alternative for the specific Terminal type and the specific place, and minimization of telecommunication costs and the maximum reliability;
  • Carrying out connection testing sessions to check connection with the central computer of the Processing center;
  • Network addresses loading to the central computer database for testing and the subsequent operation.

Service code: 02040005

Terminal set-up

The Processing center adjusts Terminal under the Terminal’s operational mode exercised through the Processing center. It also adjusts the following under the Terminal’s native mode:
  • display,
  • printers,
  • service maintenance,
  • terminal communication equipment,
  • Operations manual of the terminal.

Service code: 02040006

Pre-run SST tests

The Processing center performs test transactions to check all operational modes of the Terminal.

Service code: 02040007

Service staff training

The processing center arranges for the Bank service staff training, making them acquainted with Terminal service rules. The training process includes:
  • Terminal supervisory service regulations;
  • Terminal preventive maintenance;
  • Terminal cash collection procedure (in the case of cash dispensers availability).

Service code: 02040008

Terminal Commissioning

The Processing center puts Terminal into operation on request of the Bank (through a free-format application), stating the Terminal’s switch-on time into the current functioning mode in the payment system network; the application should be signed by a designated representative of the Bank.

Service code: 02040009