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Cards and Payments acceptance


SM3000 EPS is a processing switch, that allows to process POS transactions and create POS, SST and ATM networks for the retail securely, based on HSM equipment, and in accordance with PCI DSS and PIN DSS requirements.

The store can create it own network providing the products sale services completely and without staff, implement consumer cards of the different types physically, using retail equipment and on the e-commerce base, combining physical and digital channel sales, issuing cards and NFC devices in the store at the moment of the customer presence, detecting and preventing possible risks.


Our solutions support main POS equipment widespread in the retail card industry: Verifone, Ingenico, NewPOS, IBM, NCR and others. We are distributor of some of them, depending on the region and country.

We have an experience of the POS-terminals and Self-Service Terminals (SST) integration with retail platforms, accepting different payment instruments using a card, NFC devices or QR-codes.

Most of the big retail groups use their own POS concentrator solutions or complete authorization systems to decrease the transactions costs and improve the customer non-stop services, switching the POS transactions to the different authorization vendors or implementing its own direct gateways to MasterCard, VISA and other payment systems, adding loyalty and membership products, combination both with own and vendors’ based credit services.


Internet-sales and MO/TO sales are the modern sales channels in the age of the digitalization of the classical products.

We developed the special platforms to provide services to e-commerce gateways and shops for it as well as for the internet-acquiring and MO/TO sales.


Through the POS, SST , MO/TO or e-commerce gateways the next operations can be supported using MasterCard/ VISA/ AMEX/ Discover/ UnionPay and other products of the international and white label (proprietary) payment systems:

  • Debit sale;
  • Credit/ Installments based sale;
  • Equifax clearing check;
  • Loyalty cards acceptance and activating;
  • Gift and prepaid cards acceptance and activating;
  • Cards charge;
  • Bills and taxes payments;
  • Installments payments;
  • P2P payments;
  • Loyalty points & miles purchase and transfer;
  • Membership status and payment check.

The MO/TO regimen supports the digital signature through the on-time pass code mailing by SMS messaging. During the MO/TO sale the consumer card can be generated automatically and send to the customer by SMS-data securely or embossed and mailed. The customer profile can be generated automatically also with a web or cellular access.