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Digital and virtual cards


The modern cards and payments industry calls the attention to the digital and virtual glance of the traditional and new products. The usual card is presented and used now through the wallet with a NFC devices and cellulars or through the NFC devices directly without a physical card presence.

Our SM3000 platform support the card entry import to the main wallets like an AppleWallet, SamsungWallet etc. or the custom wallet, developed by Bank or other financial entity.

The wallet based card usage means, first of all, the issuer’s costs decrease and the product on-line availability independently from the equipment acceptance points: POS, ATM, SST or e-commerce.


Cards digitalization and charge into the AppleWallet or SamsungWallet is supported by the standard regalements of the payment systems and certification tests, that we maintain during the implementation plan procedures.

This product can be available for the banks-members of the payment system’s and their partners, which issuer cards under the Co-brand programs, including retail.


Virtual card can be issued as a standard card entry without card plastic embossing and encoding procedures, if this card will be used in e-commerce only. Our platform supports the two stage cards issuing, that allows the card plastic embossing and encoding during the life time of the card issued, for example in two or six months after the card entry generation, depending one the cardholder’s preferences.

The virtual card data can be shown safely using our cardholder web-based profile or the custom applications of the issuer, bank or retail.


The digital or virtual card can consist of the number of applications available with our SM3000 processing platform: payment, loyalty, credit, membership, gift and others.