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Host Security Modules

We provide our integration services to deliver the full solution for your project. We have a number of our business relations with the worldwide brands around the world and our own software base products to decrease your project implementation costs.

Our first experience of the HSM implementation was in 1992 for the CardCenter inter banking SWITCH of MasterCard International Corporation in Russia with a RACAL. After years we continued to work with RACAL’s new brand – THALES, added new vendors like a FUTUREX and SafeNet for some our products.

So that SM3000 EPS, SM3000 IAP and SM3000 CRYPTO support THALES and FUTUREX solutions, SM3000 PERSO works with a THALES, FUTUREX and SafeNet equipment.

During the last projects we were working like a partner of THALES and FUTUREX in Europe and we can provide a full consulting and support services during the perchase of the mentioned equipment or do it thought our business relations with the mentioned vendors. Please, do not hesitate to contact us about any questions on these matters.

To simplify our customers project implementations and to decrease the project’s costs we developed a special software base HSM product, that supports mag stripe and chip contact/contactless products.