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For Government

We started our business activity in 1992 with 3 banks – principal members of MasterCard Int. in Russian Federation, founded inter banking national processing canter – CardCenter. We issued the first MasterCard card in Russia and implemented first POS and first ATM there. Since that time we improved our technology and products for our customers, providing the full cycle of the services, needed to implement and support their issuing and acquiring programs of cards and payments, based on FIAT currencies and crypto currencies. In 2006 we implemented pilot of the Multifunctional Unified Card of the Citizen of Saratov Region in Russian Federation, with a card – like a access instrument to the private and government products and services.

Using cards and crypto currencies as instruments of payments and identification we created solutions for the national processing centers, central banks and government migration services and boards.


We provide the full line products for the National SWITCH Processing Centers with a MasterCard and VISA direct getaways, opening possibility for the country to close the internal domestic traffic and to decrease the banking transactions costs and increase rentability of the payment sector and national business continuity. 


For the central banks we offer to implement national payment systems, based both on the card instruments and crypto currencies.


We offer to implement e-Visa services for visitants of the country based on our cards profile processing algorithm. It means, that we provide full user-friendly interface for the visitor to make self registration procedure to request a visa on-line, and pay the visa fee, collaborate and authorize the visa request from the visitor inside of the government structures, check the visa status on the boarder.