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Other services

We offer the host parameters customization for the member’s special programs needs etc. You can find the main services of this sector below.

Customization of the Processing center system parameters as according to non-standard requirements of the Bank under the separate contract depending on work complexity and deadlines

Optionally, the Bank may introduce some additional modes with respect to card and payment products and devices performing their authorization. For example, these may be loyalty cards, discount or membership cards either for purchase discount or transaction sum discount, or end-of-the-month sum discount, etc. Subject to the Bank’s desire, these operations may be of different complexity and, accordingly, require different execution time and cost.

Service code: 02060000

On-site visit of the Processing center expert for exercising the Bank’s site support

When carrying out jobs related to commissioning of new equipment connected to the Processing center, or when any other problems arise (like for instance, key compromise within the equipment) – an expert of the Processing center should visit the Bank’s side where the equipment is installed.

To arrange for the expert’s visit to the Bank’s side, the Bank submits application (in a free format) to the Processing center, stating the date, the expected staying time of expert and the list of jobs to be accomplished. The Processing center schedules those jobs and ensures the on-site visit by expert on application within 24 hours from the moment of receiving the application; an emergency call implies a visit as soon as possible.

Service code: 02060001

Data exchange e-mail settings by the Processing center for the Bank

To ensure batch-mode data exchange between the Bank and the Processing center, the Processing center expert installs closed e-mail customized to Windows OS, LINUX OS, or MacOS on the Bank’s computer equipment.

The following package is carried out:

  • Electronic keys and electronic signature generation to ensure data protection;
  • Software installation;
  • Generated keys exchange;
  • Testing;
  • Training;
  • Operations Manuals.

Service code: 02060002