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Fraud detection & prevention

The ALFEBA processing center can provide fraud detection and prevention services, depending on the region and Bank’s licenses. The mentioned processing services are described below.

Reception and submission of monthly reports from/ to the international payment systems

If the Bank is connected to the special services of international payment systems, the Processing center guarantees generation of needed-format reports on fraud transactions (fraud types “00” and “01” according to payment systems documentation) and the reports submission to payment system at least once a month.   

With regard to suspicious transactions and cards, the Bank can include the corresponding Data Query (Form 021000024) into the mentioned report sent to payment system. The Bank shall submit such a report to the Processing center and the Processing center resends it subsequently to the payment system.

Service code: 02110001

Host parameters setup of authorization based on cards and accounting records

The Processing Center provides host parameters setup of the processing host, which filters authorization requests according to the rules established by the Bank. The parameters setup is carried out by sending a special report. 

The Bank can Setup the rules independently if SM3000 platform is used by the Bank. 

Service code: 02110002

Using SM3000 RISK system

The Processing Center provides the opportunity of using SM3000 RISK – a fraud detection and prevention platform, developed by using an on-line scoring approach. This system is the property of the ALFEBA processing solutions and meets all the requirements of VISA Int. and MasterCard Int. payment systems to detect and prevent fraud transactions. If the Bank prefers to use this system, it can be contracted and be setup on the territory of the Processing Center with a n on-line access for the Bank.

Service code: 02110003