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ALFEBA’s processing canter can provide e-commerce processing services, depending on licenses and region.

The Merchant profile creation and maintenance, fraud prevention, programs registration, and other similar services you can find in the corresponded sections. The special e-commerce services are described below. The full services and possibilities description you can find in the SM3000: IAP documentation, provided in the ALFEBA Docs Library.

MPI server setup

MPI server setup procedures for the customer, including certificates generation. It includes the MPI server software vendor fees and doesn’t include the international payment systems fees.

Service code: 0220000001

Transaction corrections

During the Bank’s e-commerce program maintenance, from time to time there are needs to make corrections, including refunds, manually. Our personal can help the Bank to execute the necessary job on it. The full description of the e-commerce creations you can find in the correspondent manual of the SM3000: IAP.

Service code: 022000002

Fees & Rates setup

Fees and rates setup for the internet acquiring and P2P services for merchants/ payment facilitators/ operators.

Service code: 022000003